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Employee Self Service Time Sheets – Case study.

 Implementing Employee Self Service Time Sheets module can reduce admin and costs virtually overnight. Here’s how..

Our client, an international language school based in Greenwich have been using People Inc. for several years and have saved a significant amount of time and effort by using the Employee Self Service module to allow employees and managers to book/authorise holidays and absence.

They identified a requirement to record hours worked by their teaching staff at their various language schools around the UK and to provide them with useful management reporting information such as total hours worked at each location each month.

They also wanted to facilitate Flexible Working for employees for those opting to work compressed hours.


Manual process

Their existing method was to capture employee timesheets using Excel Spreadsheets but found this extremely time consuming for both the employees and the HR Team for a number of reasons such as:

  • Time consuming to create new timesheet templates each period for each employee (and to then send to them).
  • Needed to remember to include any new starters during period and remove any leavers from the process
  • Reliance on user’s ability to set up and update spreadsheet correctly
  • Potential confusion with Excel using a decimal figure to calculate less than full hours
  • Easy for employees to accidentally or purposely manipulate data
  • Requires manually emailing spreadsheets or saving to shared drives at each stage of the process
  • Difficult to track who has/hasn’t completed a timesheet or which timesheets have/have not been approved.
  • Virtually impossible to compare historical timesheets
  • Difficult to spot errors within spreadsheets – Requires considerable effort to individually check each completed timesheet before they can be processed
  • Time is required to produce information suitable for sending to Payroll for processing
  • Difficult to generate useful Management reports.


How did the Employee Self Service Time Sheets Module help?

By implementing the People Inc. Employee Self Service Time Sheets module they were able to manage their entire timesheet process directly within People Inc. whereby employees could quickly log in via an internet browser on their PC, Laptop, Tablet Device or Mobile Phone.
and complete timesheets.

Managers are automatically emailed notifying them to log in and approved completed timesheets and finally HR/Payroll are notified when timesheets have been approved.

HR can track the status of all timesheets using tools within a central timesheet data screen within People Inc. which shows all of the timesheet information and can be filtered to identify specific periods or to show just open timesheets.

The Timesheet module was implemented within a matter of days and they immediately began to see benefits such as:

  • All time sheet data was centrally and securely recorded within their existing People Inc. system.
  • Quick and Easy to use, with no specialist expertise required.
  • No need for additional software or hardware. Time sheets are processed via a Web Browser from a PC or Mobile device.
  • Uses employee Work Pattern and absence records to generate/compare time sheet entries.
  • Manage Flexible working by comparing hours worked against contractual hours during a period
  • Configurable Time sheet categories are used to minimise margin of error on time sheet entry
  • Removes need for sending employee data via email or on paper so complies with GDPR
  • Automatic email notifications are sent at each stage of the process
  • Facility for managers to quickly check and approve time sheets for their teams
  • Automatic email to payroll when manager has approved
  • Quickly generate information for importing into Payroll System or sending to Bureau
  • Ability to create wide range of management report information – Overtime within Period, Costs by dept by month etc.

The time saved by replacing their manual process saw an immediate return on investment as they were able to drastically reduce their admin costs with the new Employee Self Service Time Sheets module.


 *Requires People Inc. Employee Self Service Module


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People Inc. Employee Self Service Module is a powerful, flexible and cost effective self service solution that fully integrates into your People Inc. HR software that can be used to reduce time and therefore costs spent on manual processes.

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