Managing the Employee Probation Process with YouManage

The Employee Probation Process is an essential part of hiring an employee within your business. Done properly they can provide employers with a valuable period of time to evaluate the new recruits performance before making them a permanent member of staff.

There’s no statutory probation periods but typically these are between 1 to 6 months depending on the company. Formal review meetings should take place periodically during the probation period to identify any areas that need to be improved before the probation ends.

At the end of the probation period the manager can decide whether to pass, extend the probation period or fail the employee. If the latter the leaver process can begin.

YouManage can help your company manage this process by automating each step of the probation.

Probation Periods and processes can be defined within the YouManage system and automatically applied to new starters entered on to the system based on their Job Role or Job Level. Stages such as reviews can be setup within the Probation process and notifications are automatically sent at each stage to employees and managers keeping them up to date of the progress of the probation process.

Probation Process settings


The Probation Process for all new starters can be viewed from the Turnover screen. From here HR/Managers can quickly check the status of each new starters probation and update as required.

At each stage when the probation reviews have been carried out, the system can be updated until the process is complete and email notifications are sent accordingly. The Manager or HR can then close the Probation Period and enter an outcome.

 A letter is automatically sent once the record has been saved, the content of which will change depending on the selected outcome. If the employee fails the probation process, the leaver process is automatically activated.

The Probation Process within YouManage is just one example of functionality provided using the built in Intelligent Automation technology, that sits at the heart of the YouManage platform and is designed to free up users time from manual HR tasks.

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