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New People Inc. Book Training Course Wizard

The New Book Training Course Wizard is one of 3 new Training Wizards for People Inc. that are designed to save users time. These provide a quick method for booking training courses for a group of employees; adding completed course records to all attendees of a course or identifying training needs for a group of employees.

In addition to the existing time saving functionality within People Inc. that automatically creates a ‘programme’ of training needs based upon an employees Job these new wizards will speed up the processing of training needs and courses.



The Wizards allow the user to quickly assign a Training Course to a group of employees on a specific date, whether it be a target date for a training need or a Course date for a Course Booking or a Completed date for a course that has been completed. For updating a completed course, the wizard also allows the user to select from a list of employees who have a training need for the chosen course allowing the user to quickly update attendees records.

In summary the Wizards provide the following functionality:

  • Select a specific course
  • Choose a completion date (or target date for Training Needs)
  • Identify the employees to be selected from using a Filter
  • Advanced selection to fine tune the list of Employees to be updated
  • Ignore any employees who already have a training need for this course.
  • Automatically creates a training need for any course with an Expiry Period
  • Allow users to assign a follow on course (if no expiry is specified for the chosen course)
  • Updates the Employees Training History Record
  • Updates the Delegate List for the Course

Course Selection Screen Training Wizard – Course Selection Screen



These new Training Wizards are available now to existing People Inc users and are included as standard with any new implementation of People Inc. Contact us for more information


Wizards in People Inc are designed to remove the need for time consuming manual processes.



  • Difficulty 5% 5%
  • Benefit 100% 100%
  • Set up Time/Costs 30% 30%
  • Ease of use 90% 90%
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